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 It's Quick and Easy to Find and View Fernbank Documents! 


1. Just select the desired menu item and the document could pop up as an html webpage.  An html example is this page of typed text.


  2. The document could also be in our website's viewer. In the viewer, you          will see the document as it would appear on hard copy. Also, there           will be a square with an arrow icon called a "Pop-Out" in the top

      right corner. See the viewer's "Pop-Out" instructions below.... 



 "POP-OUT" ICON: Here's how the viewer allows you to VIEW, PRINT AND/OR DOWNLOAD                documents: 


        1)   The "pop-out" icon at the top right corner of the viewer is a boxed arrow that  takes you to                         an alternate view where you can save to Google drive OR print OR download the document's

               pdf file from the FUOA cloud files.  Once, you've clicked on the "pop-out" icon for the alternate                 view, find & cllck the small up arrow in the top right corner. Then, choose between the down                     arrow for a download  OR  the printer icon for a hard copy.              

        2)    In both the website's viewer and the "pop-out's" alternate view, you can scroll for individual                     page selection.   


        3)    If you desire to search, download the file to your hard drive and utilize your pdf program  





 To view documents filed at the Jefferson County Clerk's Office:

(Note: You can NOT print from this website unless you have a user name & password.)


  For Document Inquiry -


 Once the webpage comes up from the link above, go to the drop down box under the date boxes on the left and select FIRM.  Type FERNBANK in the single blank line that appears to the right and then press your ENTER button.  A list of Fernbank documents will appear.  Click IMAGE to see the documents filed at the Jefferson County courthouse.




Password: Rudolph 

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