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The Annual Deer Hunt




West Virginia Department of Natural Resources controls the hunt dates (by county), the number of deer that can be taken by Buck or Doe, reporting, and hunting hours. The West Virginia hunting dates for Jefferson County, including the WV DNR authorized “urban hunt” in the Fernbank area are from the first week of September through the end of December. Please note that the hunt in the Fernbank area is authorized for bow, only.  


Within Fernbank, the Fernbank Unit Owners Association has specified rules:

  • All hunting stands will be set such that the arrow will travel into the ground in case of a missed shot. Note also, that the general travel of the arrow is a maximum of about 35 yards. 


  • All hunters will have completed bow marksman training and safety.


  • All hunters will sign unlimited liability releases for FUOA and its residents.


  • All hunters will comply with WV DNR hunting regulations at all times.


  • No guns or other weapons other than Bow and Arrow are allowed.





  • All hunters have signed an unlimited Liability release. (Same release used by NCTC.


  • FUOA insurance policy includes liability protection for injury within Fernbank.


The hunters have positioned cameras in certain areas of Fernbank, and North Hills, and have identified recent trails and movement times. The hunting locations include: lower Reachcliff Dr., North Hills, and certain areas on Golf course property.  


Hunters are usually on site from an hour before dawn (today 05:00) through about 9:00 AM, and again from about 4:00 PM through about 7:30 PM. A hunter on site, can be detected by his pickup truck parked nearby, with a bright parking pass signed by Tim Murphy.



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