Policies Adopted by Action of the Executive Board

Download a pdf file: Policies Adopted


You will see the FUOA policies document below the black bar in what is called a viewer.  The viewer is a means to see the document exactly as it is in the pdf file on our cloud.  It is a nice tool because there is a means to print and/or download to your own computer as a pdf file for searching.  Actually, how you do this is somewhat part of our Scavenger Hunt this December.

The viewer is also really nice because you can easily scroll through the pages.  Be advised that the viewer can be a little finicky because it does use memory.  So, there may come a time when you may see a blank between the black bars, especially when viewing multiple documents.  The situation is easily remedied by clicking on HOME, creating an opportunity for a refresh & reset, and then click back to this web page. Once it is up, it's up.  

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