Solar Energy System Guidelines 




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(Passed by the Fernbank Board on 3/5/12)



A solar energy system installation is permitted subject to compliance with the guidelines in this section.  The intent is to facilitate the inclusion of sustainable design with such an installation while maintaining reasonable restrictions that do not significantly increase cost, nor significantly decrease efficiency or specified performance or, alternatively, allow for another system of comparable cost, efficiency, and energy conservation benefits.


1.    A solar energy system shall meet applicable health and safety standards and requirements imposed by the state and local permitting authorities.  The applicant shall submit copies of any applicable manufacturer specifications and local permits to the ARC.


2.    Only roof mount solar energy systems are permitted.  Preference should be given to the most visually inconspicuous area of the roof consistent with the requirements of access to the sun.  Systems should be mounted flat and parallel to the roofline.  No free standing or girder installations are allowed.


3.    Where possible, the installation’s design and color should not detract from the overall appearance of the home and be consistent in color with the roofing material.


4.    Newly constructed structures shall provide for an integration of the solar energy system in the design.


5.    A submittal to the ARC for the review of a solar energy system shall include:


·       Manufacturer’s specifications

·       Name and contact information for the vendor and installer

·       Scaled drawing or photo of the proposed configuration on the roof

·       Photos of all elevations of the existing residence

·       Site location survey, plat and/or Google Earth view of the property and the neighboring properties

·       Proposed date of installation


6.    The review date will be posted on the applicant’s property in accordance with the requirements of the Design Review Process.


7.    A submittal is subject to the Design Review Process including professional review, submittal fees and 15 calendar days notice. All submittals will be reviewed on a individual basis dependent upon property location and may require additional review procedures as determined by ARC.


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