13 Recommended Questions

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Blasting 101:

13 + 6 Questions


1.     Who’s the blasting contractor? Is the blasting contractor compliant with the WV State Fire Code Title   

       87-01, Section 2.2.o through 2.2.s or pages 15 to 21?  Are they licensed with the state of West 


2.     How many shots are they going to do?

3.     What product are they using?

4.     What are they using to keep stemming in place? Stemming is the material that is put inside of a blast          hole to help prevent gases from escaping.

5.     What is their mitigation to control adverse effects? Will they use/need mats? Blankets?

6.     Do they maintain a blast log?

7.     Do they have a blast plan? Do they do a blast diagram or shot plot of the blast site?

8.     What's the name of the seismograph company? Qualifications? Experience? A seismograph will be

        needed at the nearest dwelling to demonstrate compliance with ground vibrations and air blast limits.

9.     Who is going to do the shooting? The site evaluation?

10.  Are they aware that 2 business days warning to WV State Fire Marshal is required prior to blasting?

       i.e. warning on a Monday for a Wednesday blast.

11.  Do they do gas detection in our basements or crawl spaces?

12.  Are they doing a pre-blast video site survey of all properties? This should be a third party survey that   

       secures the video from the blasting company.

13.  Do they blast when there is a low ceiling?


Questions from a more personal perspective:

1.  Who’s the builder? Excavator?

2.  How is the blasting contractor regulated and inspected?

3.  Regarding the individual shooter and seismologist assigned to this specific job, how are they qualified

     and experienced? Licenses? Certifications? Bonded? Insured? How long have they been in the


4.  Please discuss/explain the ground vibration limitations as defined and illustrated in NFPA 495,  diagram in Section 2.2.o.6.C. or page 16 of the WV State Fire Code Title 87-01.

5.  How do we protect valuables such as windows and irreplaceable antique/art breakables?

6.  If the blasting cracks a foundation and/or a brick wall, what is our recourse? Foundations are reparable

     but not re-pourable.  A repaired foundation can still devalue a home.    

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