Factors that Should Catch Your Attention

1.      Blasting Product Mediums:  It was noted by one safety manager that blasting can be an implosion            as well as an explosion allowing for greater safety options. This should be discussed in the blast plan          and design.  There are choices here that are much more important than a layman may realize.                    Please note that one of the thirteen approved questions concerns product medium. A couple products          here are surprising.

            Emulsions: Greater stability can be offered by an emulsion product that is mechanically mixed by a

            computer controlled system and a specific ratio of materials is pumped down into the borehole.


         Demolition grout: One construction contractor called this one to my attention.  He described a project 

         of his whereby he had to build an addition on a 100 year old home.  He needed to “blast” for the new

         foundation but that would have literally destroyed the original home.  His answer was demolition grout

         which is a non-explosive, expansive agent poured in small boreholes ultimately splitting the 

         rock formations for removal.

    Before:                                                                                  After:


    2.  Some interesting technologies implemented by the industry:

      • Non-electric blasting techniques permitting a series of small explosions, thousandths of seconds apart, with less risk and more control
      • Stable explosive gels, also known as bulk packages in “sausage casings” pumped into boreholes for more powerful precision
      • Computer-aided blast design
      • Boretrak system that produces a 3D view of the hole
      • Laser tracking or laser beams pulsed off rock providing 3D read for use in the loading process

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