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Architectural Review Committee (ARC)


Chair - James Stovall


Committee Members include:  Betse Hinkley, Judith Moore, Elizabeth Staro, Val Smith and Fred Parsons (Club at Cress Creek Rep)




Reference the “Public Offering Statement, Article XVII” and the “Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions, Article XXIV” for the responsibilities, composition, and requirements of the Architectural Review Board.



Beautification Committee


Co-Chair -  Judith Moore 

Co-Chair - Scott Beard 

Committee Members include:  Elizabeth Staro, Bruce Waldron & Tim Whetzel


Role and Mission:


The role of the Fernbank Beautification Committee (FBC) is to engage residents in projects and partnerships that enhance the beauty and appeal of our neighborhood. 


The FBC is responsible for the landscaping and maintenance of common property areas, for devising a long-term strategic plan, and for providing assistance to the Architectural Review Committee (ARC).


Communications Committee


Chair - Piper Sutton


Committee Members include:  Beth Brough and Julie Siler




Responsible for maintaining an on-going flow of relevant communications to the Unit Owners through newsletters, website, published minutes, notices of annual and special meetings as well as other modes of communication to keep Unit Owners apprised of important information and events. The focus is to ensure the Unit Owners are well informed and able to actively engage in the affairs of the community.




Covenants  Committee


Chair -  Steve Schatken 


Committee Members include: Bruce Lapham and Bill Hinkley




The Covenants Committee advises the Board respecting the Association's Covenants and Bylaws and performs other related functions as requested including ensuring that the “Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions” are maintained in a complete, current, and accurate state.  



Roads Committee


Chair -  Gene Kelly


Committee Members include: 




Responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the roads including snow removal, traffic requirements, and handling discussions with Home Hill as to the present condition of existing roads.  Also responsible for determining the long-term cost associated with the future resurfacing and advising the Executive Board as to the Reserve Requirements for the annual budgeting process.



Social Committee

Chair - Cindy Morrow


Committee Members include:  Thelma Eigenbrode, Betse Hinkley, Chris Johnson, Norma Siler, Patricia Toffling and Scotty Turner




Responsible for developing social opportunities for the interaction of the Unit Owners in the Fernbank Community.  Also responsible for interacting with the Cress Creek Country Club, and the Cress Creek Unit Owners Association to develop interaction opportunities in the broader community. 




Safety and Security Committee


Chair - Bob Beckett

Committee Members include: John Brady, Lex Miller, John Splaine and Tim Murphy (Urban Deer Hunt Coordinator)







Welcome Committee


Chair - Betse Hinkley

Committee Members include:   





Responsible for welcoming new people to the neighborhood, greeting them with information about Shepherdstown, delivering a token welcome gift from the Fernbank Unit Owners; delivering the most recent FUOA Directory and the FUOA web site address; and ascertaining if they have received a copy of the Design Guidelines.  Also responsible for securing and sharing with the Executive Board and certain Committee Chairs the resident’s pertinent contact information so as to include them in Fernbank Communications.

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